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Whether you are looking to purchase or sell scrap, we can help you out.  We have a variety of equipment in stock as well as in negotiation. We guarantee competitive pricing and quick pick-up.

About Poly Quip Inc.

We are located in the Minute Maid Park area of Houston, TX. With a combined 70 years of experience in plastics, we have become one of the leading scrap purchasers on the Gulf Coast.


We offer competitive pricing on all types of plastic materials including; plastic film scrap, resins, regrinds, reprocessed material, floor sweep, purges, and hard plastics (chunks and lumps). We also offer services such as toll work from large to small scale quantities, and certified destruction services.

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If you are looking to sell in bulk, contact us. We won't charge you for an estimate, and you are under no obligation to sell to us.

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We are a competitive purchaser of various types of plastic processing, recycling, and chemical equipment. Check out our equipment page to learn more.