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Get more equipment for your money

We guarantee competitive pricing and prompt pick up of the equipment you need to get off your hands. We also have a variety of equipment in stock and in negotiation. So whether you are looking to purchase or sell, we can help you out. We deal with both new and used equipment.



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When supplies aren't being used in industrial work spaces they can become surplus equipment. If someone doesn't do anything with it then it just piles up and sits in storage spaces or side yards. We'll do that work for you by buying that surplus and clearing up your workspace.


If you are buried in scrap equipment, give us a call and we will take it off your hands. We can find someone to pay you top dollar.

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Equipment We Buy

Some equipment we will buy and sell includes electrical motors, process equipment, meters, processing equipment, pumps,and blowers.

Let us turn your scrap into money while cleaning up your cramped storage.

Call us to buy or sell scrap equipment today

We buy all types of scrap and plastic so give us a call or check out the what we buy page of the website to see what money you might have just lying around.

Sell us your:

- Valves

- Pipe/flanges/fittings

- Instrument

- Electrical

- Electrical motors

- Pumps & blowers

- Process equipment

- Meters

- Diesel engine

- Fasteners & gaskets,

- Mechanical steel & bearing